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A restaurant specializing in pizza.


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I ordered from Homeslyce just to give it a shot one afternoon, and I am absolutely glad I did! I've yet to find something on their menu that wasn't delicious, be it pizzas or calzones, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts -- anything.

There are the occasional times, slightly more than average with other places, where items have been forgotten. However, one phone call and the gracious staff was right back to my house delivering the item along with some other surprise item as an apology (which was not necessary or expected, but very much appreciated) demonstrating their wonderful customer service. I have never had a single employee including every delivery person, even when they had to make a return trip, be anything other than kind and efficient.

Homeslyce is definitely one of our regular family favorites.


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OMG is their pizza out of this world delicious! I ordered my favorite standby pineapple pizza because I was skeptical of their signature pizzas flavor combinations. Walnuts on pizza? Apparently yes! Orders a small signature as well and it is delicious too! So technically there was a small hiccup with my order - delivery man showed up super fast but gave me wrong 2 pizzas- before I could even spin around in my condo to grab my cell and call restaurant, they were back at my door with correct 2 pizzas, and on phone, apologises and offer of refund, if I wanted. No refund life happens and wow is it great to find a business that has awesome friendly customer service! Great pizza great price great customer service.


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HomeSlyce is always a solid choice for amazing pizza. Their slyce is filling and made with the most glorious crust. The ingredients are tasty and flavorful. While the baked fries are great (they taste even better in-restaurant), their sauce is even better.

Delivery was also 20 minutes ahead of schedule!

Only thing that couldve made ordering in better was being able to order their specialty soda. The cotton candy is da bomb!


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I order from here about once every 2 weeks. For the first time, my order was wrong (they sent me a classic slyce instead of a whole pizza). The delivery guy was very helpful, checked on my order, let me know I could keep the slyce and that they'd bring me a new one. In less than 30 min he came back with a full sized pizza, like I ordered. I appreciated the service despite the error. Their pizza is soooo yummy!


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The pizzas were delicious! I debated between regular pizza and the Homeslyce toppings, and Im really glad I picked the Homeslyce. The walnuts and red peppers and goat cheese are so good with the eggplant. I dont usually love walnuts, but theyre so toasty on this pie. Perfect complement to the sweet peppers and tangy cheese.

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1 review
It was good, a little pricey


1 review
So far sooo goooood


1 review
Food was great

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Calzones, Pizza, Salads, Sandwiches
Delivery: 10:30 AM - 9:45 PM
Takeout: 10:30 AM - 9:45 PM

Join us in one of our great Downtown Baltimore locations or our newest Columbia store opening next month. Each store unique with a feel and commitment for the neighborhood. All locations offer table service, carry-out and delivery.